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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 20, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, pronounceable, and unafraid. >> shepard: tonight, the new report from the pentagon on where iran is and could go on nuclear weapons. we will report. you decide. plus, profit vs. safety in the sky. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. in the wake of the eruption disruption, new questions about whether it's really okay to fly. >> the are not certified to fly through volcanic ash. >> our first priority is that passengers will always be safe when they travel. >> shepard: and the growing controversy in the clouds. it may not be delicious but is school lunch a threat to national security? we will explain the trouble with
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mystery meat. plus, iran's weapons. unclassified report has just gone public and now we know it coulden just -- could be just a few years until the iranians could hit us where we live. tonight, the stark reality about iran's missile program. well, the pentagon reports iran might be able to it hit us with an intercontinental ballistic missile within five years that conclusion is printed in the latest unclassified report from the defense secretary to congress. here's the exact language in the secretary's report. with sufficient foreign assistance, iran could probably develop and test an intercontinental ballistic missile or icbm capable of reaching the united states by 2015. significant foreign assistance. military officials also maintain iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon. put that together with a long-range missile, and obviously there could be a
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problem. but that's a lot of maybes. what we do know, it's very difficult to get the full story out of iran's secretive government. mike emanuel at the pentagon tonight. mike, so many qualifiers here. there is a probably. there is the need for significant foreign assistance. not sure really how much is here. what's the reaction to this report? >> well, a lot of concern about that 2015 figure. some experts are wondering what if the intelligence is wrong? what if north korea helps iran get the technology to create that long-range missile sooner but one expert michael o'hanlon says there may be some technical difficulties on the way to creating that long-range missile? >> there is a big distinction between that first operational task and a proven capability. on the other hand, these countries don't need to have a proven capability to the standards that we would insist upon in order to have something of a deterrent. >> in other words, even if the long range missile isn't 100% effective, it is still threatening to many other
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countries, shep. >> shepard: you know, the report seems to be really a list of iran's strengths and weaknesses like the kind of thing strategists might prepare in advance of war. >> absolutely. you must know your enemy. one weakness, for example, is the iranian air force flying around in 1970's era planes. but what they are trying to do to balance that equation a bit, is trying to get antiaircraft system from the russians that would really bring up the technology. but all indications are at this point the air force is not much of a threat, shep. >> shepard: trying. a lot of qualifiers. tell us what the report says about iran's influence in iraq and in afghanistan. >> well, pouring money, training, and weapons into iraq, despite promises that it would stop doing so also pouring weapons into afghanistan and trying to play all the different parties being friends with all the different parties in case one of the other parties ends up being the leader of afghanistan. they want to look like the good neighbor to everybody in afghanistan, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel at the pentagon tonight. mike, thanks.
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as you all know, iran says that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. do you believe them? that's our online question today. concerns about volcanic disruption that stranded travelers all around the globe. air traffic were predicting half of europe's flights would get off the ground today. london's airports finally reopened a couple of hours ago. airlines have a long way to go toward clearing the tremendous backlog that built up as a result of carriers canceling more than 95,000 flights last week. think of that. the folks who have gotten on flights are clearly pretty thrilled about it. >> we were going up, people started clapping because they realized we were the first plane to leave europe. so it was like i said i'm not clapping until we hit new york soil. and that's when i clapped. i was like yea! >> a lot of travelers are still stranded. one couple stuck in taiwan
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couldn't get home in time to attend their own wedding back in slow vok i -- slovakia. >> we will never forget taiwan and the wonderful people we met here. >> this is really amazing day. thank you for everything. >> shepard: the silver linings on the ash cloud. at least this saves them the trouble of figuring out where to spend their honeymoon. our mike emanuel streaming live from london's heathrow -- mike tobin, i should say. >> shepard, for the last two hours we have been watching the planes line up and touch down here at london's heathrow airport it was a surprise announcement this evening from britain's aviation authority that the trouble spots from massive volcanic cloud were no longer located over the south of england. for the first time since thursday the major hubs reopened. activity is said to be down in the crater of the volcano. the head of british airways says we can't assume the worst is
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over. >> there may be cases in the weeks ahead where we could see volcanic ash. if that means we should suspend flying, we will do so. >> still, this is the first big break in six days of this worldwide travel ordeal. don't expect the skies to go friendly right away. there is a massive backlog from all of the cancelled flights. the airlines have resources scattered around the globe. they have got to scramble to reorganize and resume normal flights. stranded passengers are urged to buy new tickets. now the tickets from the old cancelled flights will be honored but you are pretty much flying stand by. it could take weeks for a new seat to reopen. shep, as long as that volcano continues to do what volcanos do, travel in europe will remain uncertain. back to you in new york. >> shepard: that's for sure. mike tobin. it seems it might be settling down a bit. being stranded for days isn't the only headache. some of these travelers, consider visitors who visas expired during these delays. washington apparently is not offering any automatic visa
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extensions so some stranded passengers could be facing a mess of bureaucratic red tape when they try to enter or leave. a group of u.s. military officers is now targeting a new enemy, your child's lunch. the group has released a new report which indicates 27% of all young adults are too fat to join the military. that's 9 million americans in their teens and early 20's whose weight problems prohibit them from fighting for their country. now the officers are calling for a crackdown on america's school lunches. jonathan hunt has been looking into this. a crackdown on the lunches. have you got to crack down on attitude, too. >> it's an urgent problem. congress has to act now to improve nutrition in schools according to this powerful group of retired admirals and generals. they say this is not about looking good in a uniform but about the u.s. having a force that is fit to fight. >> our national security in the year 2030 absolutely depends on us reversing this rate of
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obesity. >> it may sound overblown, but the sta particulars seem to back the admiral's claim that if we don't get a grip on the childhood obesity epidemic, our fighting forces could face a rapidly thinning field of potential recruits. start with the national problem of obesity in 1998, just one state, kentucky reported 40% or more of its 18 to 24-year-olds were overweight or obese. by 2008, that had increased to 39 states. now focus on the effect on that for the military. between 1995 and 2008, the proportion of potential recruits who failed their physicals because they were overweight rose by 70%. a total of 140,000 young men and women deemed too heavy to join the military. >> we have to have the best and the brightest come into the military. we can't afford really to have them, in essence, foul out or not be eligible even when they
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want to join because of something like obesity. >> the specific measures the generals want taken include getting junk food and high calorie drinks out of schools. increasing funding for healthy school lunch programs. and supporting education initiatives to help children and parents make healthier choices. if we continue on the path we are on, the retired military officers say the majority of our young men and women will simply be too fat to fight. now, this is not the first time military leaders have gotten involved in the issue of school lunches. after the second world war, they successfully fought to establish the national school lunch program. arguing that too many potential recruits were under nourished. now ironically their complaint is that that same school lunch program has left too many, shep, to put it politely overnourished. >> shepard: hard to get the kids to eat that good stuff. >> yes it is. hard to get us to eat it.
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>> shepard: that's possible. thanks loot. president obama is getting has been celd for a rally for a democratic senator. the candidates he campaigned for last year ended up losing. so should the president keep his distance from some of them? we're live at the white house with details on that. days after the government accused it of defrauding investors. the banking giant goldman sachs makes a huge announcement. the details are coming up from the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report." know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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♪ c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. go to to find out more. >> shepard: on the heels of new allegations that gold man sax intentionally defrauded some of its customers, the bank is now reporting that analysts describe as blow out earnings for the start of the year. goldman today posted a 3.3 billion-dollar profit for the first three months of the year, almost doubling its earnings from the same period a year ago and easily beating expectations. even so, investors today sold off shares of the bank, focusing instead on the civil fraud
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charge that the feds brought against gold map last week, relating to those risky mortgage investments it sold as the housing market collapsed back in 2007. regulators are accusing goldman sachs of selling a product designed to fail so that it could then make money when it tanked and not telling investors about that. goldman says it's not true. and a fox urgent just coming in, getting word out of our california newsroom that police have arrested nearly two dozen people in connection with a series of booby trap attacks against the cops. we have been reporting on these incidents over the past several months. police are calling the attacks you urban terrorism. trace gallagher live in our west coast studios with details on this. trace, what do we know. >> it's a massive -- we are talking about federal state and local authorities raided 35 homes throughout the day. 23 people arrested. we gist got off the phone seconds ago with the captain of the police department. he tells us now that many of these may be connected to those
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booby traps we have been talking about targeting police now for the past several months. the d.a. in riverside county says that many of these people who were arrested were actually white supremistses. they have been targeting police now for months including booby trapping police stations. they once actually took a natural gas line and they put it inside. emit california about 100 miles east of los angeles, very near palm springs. one of the other booby traps they put a gun, rigged it to a fence, and rigged it to go off when the gate opened. it nearly killed a police officer. they have also burned city vehicles and put pipe bombs beneath unmarked police cars. again, charges against these people have not yet been filed. police say the raids could go on in the next couple of days. they are still looking for tips about these suspects who are targeting police in california. shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live this afternoon in l.a. thanks. fox news is america's election headquarters and new questions
7:16 pm
tonight about president obama's impact on some upcoming congressional contests, especially in light of what has been happening the last couple of days. [shouting] [equality, right here right now. >> shepard: that message calling for president obama to end the controversial don't ask, don't tell policy on gays in the military right here right now as they put it. today members handcuffed themselves to the white house fence before police showed up and arrested them. representatives from the same group protested at the president's fund raiser last night for the california senator barbara boxer. major garrett with the news live at the white house. the last three candidates for whom the president tried to help at least they lost their races. >> that's right. let's go over the names of those the white house tried to assist but in the end did not do enough to get them across the finish line. virginia creigh deeds the democratic nominee lost gubernatorial race there up in new jersey the incumbent governor jon corzine, democrat hot president campaigned for, he lost to republican chris
7:17 pm
christie. martha coakley the democrat in massachusetts in open u.s. senate seat lost, of course, as we all remember to republican scott brown. the president is still hitting the trail, shepard, a lot of senate races up for grabs in midterm election. we are not going to to show you the map of all those races. we will show you where the president has traveled recently and where he is going to travel in days to come. look at the states, florida, new hampshire, ohio. he was just in california. next week he goes to illinois and missouri. the u.s. senate races in all of those states sometimes those are official visits. sometimes they are campaign visits. what's important to remember, shepard, is every time the president goes to a place like that, democrats get more energized. the white house is focusing by and large on senate races because it believes losing senate seats in midterm elections would do more damage in losing house seats in the long-term legislative agenda. >> shepard: how do protests effect the president if at all. >> it's interesting, shepard. the white house take here, it this may sound like spin to some of our viewers. there is credibility to it look at an issue don't ask, don't
7:18 pm
tell. liberal activists who has seen the president succeed on health care and pushing regulatory reform they want to rattle the president's gauge because they believe a president who is a bit stronger after the health care fight can work out their issue as well. here is the president dealing with hecklers at that barbara boxer fundraiser last night. [shouting] >> i'm sorry, do you want to come up here? because can i just say once again barbara and i are supportive of repealing don't ask don't tell so i don't know why you are hollering. >> so, the president says come on up here. they don't, of course. the president still holds the podium. in the main, shepard, those kind of protests rattle things a bit. in the main, the white house says, that's just art part of an activist base reenergized because the president is succeeding more than failing.
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>> shepard: handled that pretty well. major garrett at the white house. good to see you. thank you. apple's latest hot product at the center of internet scams. criminals using ipad to try to get private information about you. we'll have the details. and guess what somebody apparently left behind at a bar? a secret model for a new iphone. have you seen this thing? gizmodo got it and it seems very real. it is giving us some clues about the new iphone and frankly it's getting us somewhat excited. look at that makes you happy, doesn't it? we'll be right back. [ male an] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get r hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing.
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>> shepard: become a tester foreapple and get a free ipad. sounds too true to be true,
7:23 pm
right? like always. a new warning internet scam that targets your personal information. the head of the better business bureau is calling it the latest effort by hackers to cash in on another of apple's new products. happened with the iphone. it happened with the ipod. and now just three weeks after its release, it's happening with the ipad. gerri willis with the fox business network is here with details. how does this scam work? >> you can go online, get an email basically. what they are telling consumers is that you can get a free ipad if you test the product, not true. better business bureau says that's not true. as a matter of fact, on facebook, they actually had a web page where they were giving this away. you are seeing an example here. 3,000 folks signed up to get it. of course, it didn't work. they were forced to take that page down. another online offer you are seeing there. you have to promise to take out a credit card, get a loan, it's not good stuff. >> shepard: they even want pass words and stuff. >> it's crazy. >> shepard: how can folks protect themselves. >> make sure we buy our apple products from apple or authorized dealer.
7:24 pm
if you are buying second hand buy it locally or close by so you know the people you are buying from. never pay by wire. pay by credit card when you are buying big ticket items. you can trade it back in and get the money back. >> shepard: huge news today on apple earnings. it all comes down to the iphone which is more popular than they even dreamed. they are up 90% last quarter. >> 90%. >> shepard: wow. >> wall street blown away by the results. iphone sold 9 million of them. can you imagine that? >> shepard: no. >> we have not even seen the ipad impact on earnings yet. that company is on fire. >> shepard: there may be something new in the works. it appears anyway. >> we will see. >> shepard: jerry, thank you. apple employee gave us the tip. he may have some serious explaining to do after he apparently lost what appears to be a prototype for the next generation iphone. the gadget blog gizmodo got this scoop and it reports it paid 5,000 bucks from the device from somebody who claimed to have found it at a bar in redwood city, california about 20 miles from apple's headquarters.
7:25 pm
we're told it originally looked at the latest iphone the 3 gs. thanks to a dummy case. that's just a case on the thing. but then underneath, underneath, what la. a similar phone but see the outside border and what appears to be new features. here is the side-by-side of the prototype and current model. prototype has two cameras, one in front and one in back. a flash, a better display and larger battery. the notoriously secretive apple system is staying mum on whether this is actually the next i money. but just hours ago, gizmodo posted a letter from apple's senior vice president asking that the phone be returned. and the blog says it will be. think june why don't you. june probably. to get more details on this story, including the list of features that this -- that appear to be on this new phone. go to fox in te wires section again. accusations of a coverup tonight in the shooting at fort hood
7:26 pm
that left 13 people dead and now a subpoena from information from the obama administration. we'll detail it and explain what lawmakers would like to know now. plus, the laptop spying case. remember how school workers were accused of using web cams on school-issued computers to take a few photos of kids? it wasn't a few photos. we're now talking tens of thousands of photos. and there is outrage tonight. the details straight away. is a luxury that we don't have anymore. the most obvious, common sense solution is that we need to look for other forms of energy. solar power and wind power... sensible use of oil and natural gas. diversity gives us a lot more power. diversity is the key. the energy mix of the future is going to be everything.
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and leaders of the senate homeland security committee are accusing the obama administration of covering up crucial details about last year's shooting at fort hood. the committee serving a subpoena demanding secret documents and access to witnesses of the november attack during which investigators say a disgruntled army doctor major nidal hasan killed 13 people. the departments of defense and justice report the release of those documents would compromise their prosecution of nidal hasan. but, in the letter, which accompanied the subpoena, the committee chairman joe lieberman and ranking republican susan collins wrote: unfortunately it is impossible for us to avoid reaching the conclusion that the departments simply do not want to cooperate with our investigation. catherine herridge on the top
7:31 pm
story at the bottom of the hour from the rotunda of capitol hill. why do these lawmakers seem so upset. >> shep, simply put, they feel they are getting blown off or at least the brush off from the administration. senators say they want to understand what caused this domestic act of terrorism because their priority is preventing similar attacks in the future. their priority is not the prosecution of the alleged shooter major nidal hasan, shep. >> shepard: what's the white house going to do about this subpoena? do we know? >> well, for the white house, this is really a political question. but, based on the subpoenas that have been obtained by fox, the defense secretary robert gates and the attorney general eric holder an the department have until monday next week to present the materials to the senate homeland security committee. if they do not, sources on capitol hill tell me that the senate committee and then ultimately the full senate would vote on what type of enforcement action would come into play. >> shepard: big picture here. major nidal hasan as we although had contact with a radical
7:32 pm
american cleric that urged attacks on the united states. who else might that cleric be in contact with. >> well, if there is one thread that both federal law enforcement and u.s. intelligence community is following, it's the american cleric anwar al awlaki. he was born in new mexico. is he now in hiding in yemen. he is really like a rock star among jihadists. what we know is that there is a connection between anwar al-awlaki and major nidal hasan and alleged shooter at fort hood and emails exchanged and also connection between al awlaki and the bomber on the attempted christmas day bombing abdulmutallab. when you look at al awlaki you have to look at this whole host of connections to do very significant, one successful attempt and one attempted attack on the united states. >> shepard: catherine herridge live tonight at unusually noisy capitol hill rotunda. >> it is. couldn't help you on that. >> shepard: nothing you can do about that in just the past 24 hours, toyota announced another
7:33 pm
recall, its second in a week. it also agreed to pay the largest fine ever for a car company for fail to tell regulators about problems with sticking gas pedals. that's, of course, on top of the 8 million vehicles toyota has already recalled. it may look like a public relations disaster. but, as it turns out, sales are up. drivers are still buying to its. phil keating is live in our florida newsroom tonight. what's the deal here? >> well, shep, one big reason that toyota's u.s. sales in march jumped 41% over march '09 was historic buyer incentives worth about $2,300 per vehicle. yet, every toyota customer we spoke with, one after another, said good toyota news or bad toyota news it just doesn't matter. they just love the brand. >> jeff, call on 700. >> you could call leann mcgrapth toyota's quintessential customer. >> it's nice. >> she says she has owned six or seven to its so far. her two sons own to its. and now she is shopping for another one. >> i just feel they are safe.
7:34 pm
they are proven time and time again that toyota has been behind the customers. i think that's why people -- they are selling so well now. >> this after one of the car company's worst months ever and 14 makes and models recalled for things like acceleration, electronics, and braking problems. yet from florida to l.a. to new york, customers keep on coming. >> they are very reliable cars. you can drive them for 200,000 miles, usually without a problem. >> despite seriously bad publicity, toyota has serious customer loyalty. >> the greater preponderance of toyota owners are satisfied with their cars. they start, you know what i mean? they don't skid. they don't blow up. they are good cars. >> but, in some cases, of course, they have. now, over the years, toyota has been very successful at stealing american-made buyers were more fuel efficient vehicles. these days toyota's problems are far from over. another congressional hearing into toyota is scheduled for
7:35 pm
may 6th. and the company still faces dozens of civil lawsuits for personal injury and wrongful death and potentially more government imposed big fines. shep? >> shepard: phil keating on a dark and stormy night on the causeway in miami beach. word that two major airlines are in serious talks to combine their operations. the associated press cites people familiar with the situation who say united and continental are indeed in the early stages of exchanging financial information. that is significant. because, if the two are to merge, they will become the world's biggest airline. united has also been in merger talks with another airline u.s. airways. former vice presidential candidate and current fox news contributor sarah palin could soon be on the stand in the trial of the former college student accused of hacking into her email account. prosecutors say sarah palin's husband todd and their daughter bristol may also testify. the trial started today in knoxville, tennessee.
7:36 pm
22-year-old david kernel charged with breaking into sarah palin's yahoo account during the campaign. there he is in the center there. he is also said to have posted screen shots online. his former roommate told the jury that he guessed his way into the account because he didn't agree with palin's politics. he pleaded not guilty and faces up to 50 years in prison. his father is a democratic state representative in tennessee but prosecutors have not linked him to this case in any way. a school district in the suburbs of philadelphia admits it did capture tens of thousands of images from laptop computers which it issued to students. images from the computer's built-in web cams. a lawyer for lower marion school district there acknowledges that school leaders activated the computers' tracking software. he says it happened when the schools were trying to track down some missing laptops. and that in the process, the district captured, get this, at least 56,000 photos and screen
7:37 pm
shots like this one. sleeping student. his family filed a lawsuit over the practice. and the fbi has opened a criminal investigation into whether the school violated federal wiretap laws. the white house now reports its beefing up a law that forever changed sports for students from grade school to college. the changes, as we report live from d.c., with details. plus, now there is a medical group that says americans are eating way too much salt. and they want to change that. in fact, they want the government to change it. and it appears to be well on the way. we'll report. you decide whether that's the government's place. straight away.
7:38 pm
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7:40 pm
>> shepard: hey, americans, we need to lay off the salt. i know, you know that. but it is the word today from one of the most influential medical groups out there. it's asking the feds to help us. the institute of medicine reports because institutes can't talk, that americans are
7:41 pm
consuming twice as much salt as they should. so is asking the food and drug administration to require sodium limits on processed foods? stuff like canned soups and frozen dinner and pascha sauce and all that? nobody is calling for a toyota total ban of salt, not yet. after all, we need some salt to live. but the doctors say the new limits could save as many as 150,000 lives a year. brian wilson is live in our washington bureau with this. brian, i mean, do we get to decide about anything anymore? >> well, you know, it's really, i guess you have to decide what's right for you. and it depends on this issue who you talk to. you cited the stats. most medical professionals say we get way more salt than we need. much of the salt hidden in processed foods, too much salt, the doctors say can lead to high blood pressure and that can lead to heart attack and stroke. so the food and drug administration confirms it's in the planning stages for a campaign to reduce the salt in foods over ten years. the hope is that this will happen so gradually that you won't notice that your favorite
7:42 pm
food, shep, have become bland and unappetizing. shep. >> shepard: want to bet? i will notice. what does the salt lobby say about this. >> there is something called the salt institute based in washington. the spokesman is a man named appropriately enough morton. he says we need to be very careful. take a listen. >> this is not something that you fool around with. i mean, we are talking about a phenomenon of nature. everybody responds differently to salt. >> insists that 50% of the population doesn't really have a problem with salt and that reducing salt intake can actually cause blood pressure to go up in about 0% of the population. some food manufacturers are voluntarily making most reduce the salt. the fact remains, shep, take out the salt and you can still pick up the salt shaker. >> shepard: that's true can you take out all the fat and the flavor and take everything out and make us eat that but that wouldn't be nice. >> but you wouldn't want it. >> and ken rosen burger our
7:43 pm
producer needs the salt. let them try it just days after confiscating cigarettes authorities burning a large batch of prescription drug. a drug called tram doll. it's part of a clean up campaign. it's part of our top story as we go around the world in 18 seconds. gaza strip, the region's hamas rulers destroying nearly 2 million of the pills in a hospital's insin yart. the hamas health administer says authorities took the drugs from smugglers. many in gaza are addicted to it they are trying to impose strict islamic law in the area. australia, an earthquake hitting the country's gold mining region in the west. the quake damaging buildings and forcing the evacuation of mines, schools, and hospitals. police say only two people were hurt. egypt. chanting] >> a group of protesters gathering in front of the parliament building. >> the security ministry warned
7:44 pm
it may open fire on such protests. opposition groups in egypt are becoming more vocal ahead of the parliamentary election set this fall. a british rower set for the final stage of her attempt to become the first woman to row solo across the pacific ocean. she says she tried once before but failed. >> i struggle with my -- get out and row for 12, 14 hours a day. i always find it challenging. >> shepard: so why do it? the 41-year-old wants to raise awareness of climate change. u.n. report 2-foot increase of sea level would make the island uninhabitable. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. title 9, it gives girls and women the chance to compete in most sports at most levels. it was a law enacted in 1972. bans discrimination based on sex in any educational or athletic program that gets federal aid. well, today, the department of education closed what critics call a loophole in that law. right now schools have to do one
7:45 pm
of three things. make sure the number of female athletes is representative of the number of female students. show a history of increasing athletic opportunities for women. or prove that the school is meeting its female students' level of interest in sports. but that last one can be complicated. so let's turn to james rosen to sort it out for us. james? >> shep, good evening. today the obama administration effectively repealed a 2005 ruling by the bush administration. this ruling allowed colleges to use surveys to indicate that there was a lack of interest in the establishment of a new women's college sports program on their given campus. no evidence exists showing that women were denied opportunities of this kind or over the last five years. but the administration claimed today that repealing this rule will encourage greater compliance with title 9 which, as you say, was enacted almost 40 years ago to equalize women's access to academic and sports programs. in a half hour talk today at george washington university, vice president joe biden says title 9 has made a huge
7:46 pm
difference in american life that sports does build character. and that he personally has benefited from being around strong women in his life. women who had, as he put it, backbones like ram rods. >> i feel sorry for men who haven't been around strong women. because they tend to be -- they tend to be little skiddish about it. folks, we can't wait for all the men to get rid of their skittishness. [ laughter ] >> i didn't feel skiddish, shep. the department of education announced this change in policy in a letter that was sent to more than 15,000 school districts and 5600 college and university presidents. no word on how skiddish they were. >> shepard: james rosen in d.c. thank you. major league baseball is tonight mourning the death of the colorado rockies president kelly mcgregor. colleagues found him unconscious this morning in a hotel room in salt lake city. he was there on a business trip. investigators say it looks like mcgregor died of natural causes.
7:47 pm
right now they see no signs of foul play of any kind. the baseball commissioner bud selig said in a statement today kelly was one of our game's rising young stars. he was a great athlete and equally great as a baseball i. administrator. he was also a great human being. all of baseball will miss him selig wrote. mcgregor leaves behind a wife and three daughters plus a son. he was but 48 years old. well, now back to our question of the day. and it came from the top of this newscast. and it is: do you think, as iran claims, that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only? i figure i already know what you think. go over there and vote at we'll show you the results in just a few minutes. dogfighting and animal cruelty are already illegal. but what about videos showing animal cruelty? protected by the first amendment? the supreme court has just made its decision and you might find it fascinating when we go live to d.c. next.
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>> shepard: dogfighting is against the law. but the nation's top court rule today that making a video of the fighting is perfectly legal. the supreme court rejected a federal law designed to ban videos and picture that show violence against all animals. and at the center of the court's decision, hunters. shannon bream is in washington tonight. how did this group get involved in this case? >> well, shep, you know the law in question, of course, was all about images or video of animal cruelty. a lot of sportsman's group argued we have been worried about engaging in something completely lawful, licensed sanctioned hunting but risking criminal charges if we decide to record it for use on a tv show or dvd. something that the chief justice john roberts acknowledged in today's opinion he talked about this issue saying for this group one of the only things that's been standing between them and a 5 year jail sentence up to this
7:52 pm
point was a merciful prosecutor. today he struck down the law all together. shep? >> shepard: predictable reaction, i'm guessing, from animal rights groups. >> yeah. they are very disappointed. they know that the underlying conduct, things like going out and staging pit bull fights that's going to remain illegal all across the country. they are worried if there is a legal market for images of those events, there is still going to be a demand for the events themselves. here is the what the humane society had to say. >> huge component of animal cruelty is commercially driven. what congress recognize add decade ago when they moved to try to staunch the flow of these materials in commerce was the close connection between the underlying animal abuse and the sale of this material. >> and, shep, today they are already calling on congress to come up with a new statute that would pass muster. >> shepard: animal rights groups are complaining but first amendment groups are loving. this they are. of course, freedom of speech highly cherished and protected in our society and by our courts. groups like the indicated doe institute got involved and filed a brief in this case on behalf
7:53 pm
of upholding the first amendment. they think the justices got this right. here is their take. >> first amendment protects not simply popular speech. indeed you don't need the first amendment to protect that you need it to protect unpopular speech and activity. and, indeed, this goes right up close to the line. >> so, of course, we know something can be both repulsive and protected by the first amendment at the same time, shep. >> shepard: yes, we do. shannon bream live in d.c. good to see you. thank you. the state of arizona is now closer to enacting tougher and very controversial new immigration laws. supporters believe it would help bring law and order to one of the nation's border regions. protesters line up saying this move is unconstitutional and down right racist. it's our top story on a trip across america. arizona. the demonstrators setting up a mock funeral. they say the bill would lead to racial profiling and other abuses. the state's house and senate have both passed the immigration
7:54 pm
bill. it would make it a crime for illegal immigrants to not have alien registration documents and require police to question people about their immigration status if there were any suspicions. governor jan brewer has until saturday to act on it ohio. caught on tape. in akron. a guard at a juvenile detention center body slamming a teenager. you can see it happening through the window there in a back room. we're told the teen was in the hospital for three months and lost many of his teeth. a spokesman for the center says that guard was fired. texas. school officials in el paso kicking an 8-year-old out of class for his hair cut. you can see the do there. the trim inspired by the east side longhorns football team. many kids have similar cuts but schools in the region are said to have policies that differ. the official in this district called the cut disruptive. his parents say the policy is unfair. new york.
7:55 pm
capital one bank opening a branch at a high school in the city. students help run the place and they get paid. the teens say it's good experience. >> it's really great to be able to teach my friends how to save their money. >> shepard: we're told there is several dozen such inschool bank branches across the country. that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: up next, a bear alert. but tonight's warning is not for people. it's for the bears. next. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used
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on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number of pills... compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day. this is why we do this!
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freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo! let's renew up. yeah, that sounds good, man. do i have any bugs in my teeth? no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. >> shepard: top stories coming up. but, first, a bear alert! [growling] >> shepard: the bears themselves are going to be watching this one especially closely. commissioners at the california state fish and game are set to vote tomorrow on expanding bear hunting in the state. the black bear population is doing really, really well lately. the bears do not fret. the "l.a. times" say dozens of groups have lined up to expose this expansion so it's conceivable many bears will still be able to live in
7:59 pm
relative peace, chilling in the woods drinking from ponds and, oh, yes, playing on trampolines. fox top stories tonight, airports slowly reopening after a week of pandemonium. police have arrested two dozen suspects in a series of booby traps set on police. on this day in 1841 the murders in the rumore. how do you say it? i got that right, right? the tally is set in paris where woman and her daughter. the culprit spoke a foreign language. the evidence simply doesn't add up. then the detective discovered the killer is not a human being at all but an escaped orangutan. shortly after the detective novels became all the rage but poe published one first 169 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday april the


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